Folk aus Nord

Instrumental Folkmusic from Scandinavia and Finland, played on Clarinet and Guitar with a variety of other Instruments.

About us:

We met on stage. At a nordic Midsummers-dance 1998. Four years later, we were a duo. And we did a lot travelling, most in northern Europe.

By this we expanded our repertory: We collect tunes mostly by ear, we find them on old records or learn them from old minstrels. With our mobile phone, we record a musical sample in a museum. We get crushed by the interval signal of a local radio station. A remote gas station in Finland surprises us every time with another strange CD. Often, something stucks in our ears and we get to play it.

Mostly just on clarinet and guitar, but we also enjoy the variety of our instrument-collection: The B-Clarinet was played long in the Symphonic Orchestra of Kiel; it took us long time to pay it off. But then, at a walk in the forest, we got a real Embergher-Mandolin for free. Our Guitar-amplifier was a fan-heater in its former life. The "antique practice-pad for guitarists" from Ebay proofed to be an ancient kind of dulcimer. A 200 year old Psalmodikon was found in a Swedish Barn. The Bass Recorder is of east-asian descent and is made of plastic, but it is dish-washer-proof.

Chris researches, restores and keeps playable.

Ruth uses her scientific background to run through connexions.

With our knowledge about countrys and peoples we are able to put across a lot of background to our music.

When we perform, and that could be in the background of an event or as the main attraction of a concert, we try to be fuss-free. Very little space will do, and we don´t even need an electric socket. The little amplifier for the guitar is battery powered. If it needs more volume, we have sophisticated microphones and a good Pa-System. 

We can even play when walking-a little marching band!

For further Information, please contact us via Email or Mobile Phone +49 170 3284 364. We speak English and Norsk and, of course, German.